Fall Protection

No matter the height, as soon as a worker leaves stable ground, they are increasing risks to health and safety. This program is specifically designed to give participants information that they will need in order to make safe decisions when working at heights.

Course Description:

Saskatchewan Safety Council’s Fall Protection training provides participants with current information on industry best practices and legislative minimums. Participants will learn through a facilitated program of both lecture and practical training. By the end of this program participants will know how to exercise the hierarchy of controls including fall prevention, fall restraint, and fall arrest in varying situations. Participants will discuss the most common mistakes made when working at heights, how to inspect fall protection equipment, how to don a harness, and will have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be suspended in a harness.

Topics Covered:

  • Identifying typical types of fall hazards.
  • Types of fall prevention systems and when to use them
  • Establishing control zones and fall restraints
  • Calculations to determine the fall protection area
  • How to perform pre-use inspections fall protection equipment
  • Understanding maintenance schedules
  • How to plan for emergency situation

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