Floor Warden Training

If a fire breaks out in your office, where do you go? Who do you turn to in order to lead the emergency evacuation? How do you ensure everyone made it out safely?

A Floor Warden with an understanding of their responsibilities as well having all employees familiar with who he or she is can mean the difference between an efficient evacuation and one that can be confusing or chaotic.

Course Description:

Floor Warden training is specifically designed for employees who are responsible for fire safety and building evacuations in their office and/or floor and provides them with the knowledge for effective planning, training, and coordinating in the event of a workplace fire.

Topics Covered:

  • All of the Introduction to Fire Extinguishers course
  • Introduction to the National Fire Code
  • Fire safety plans
  • Fire Prevention and Inspections
  • Duties of Fire Wardens
  • Fire protection systems
  • High rise building considerations

This course is offered with one of the following hands-on components:

Live fire (Gas:Diesel mix with burn pan and dry chemical fire extinguishers)

A Bullex propane fire simulator (requires burn permit, outdoor use, and water supply)

A Bullex electronic digital simulator (indoor use)

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