Forklift (Class I-VII)

A competent forklift operator knows and practices safe operating procedures at all times. Because of the variety of models and work environments that these machines can be used in it is extremely important to learn the safety essentials for the forklift and environment you will be working with.

Course Description:

This Forklift course is designed to introduce new operators to the theory behind safe operation of a forklift and to apply these theories in practice in a controlled environment.  The course also serves as an excellent review for experienced operators.

Topics Covered:

  • Legislation and regulations
  • Understand the responsibilities of a forklift operator
  • Understand employers safety responsibilities
  • Properly identify the main parts of a forklift
  • Find and interpret the information contained on the manufacturers data plate and operators manual
  • How to perform a pre-shift inspection
  • Identify the types and classifications of forklifts they will be using on their job site
  • Understand the Occupational Health & Safety regulations where applicable
  • Supervised practical operation in a controlled environment

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