Safety and the Supervisor

Health & Safety Programs are a management system that offer an organized approach to reducing the human and financial costs of incidents in a workplace. Implementing a standardized management system is a key factor in reducing incidents, preventing harm and increasing workplace safety. A properly implemented safety program can benefit the moral, legal and financial aspects of an organization, which makes it a necessary part of any organizational plan.

Course Description:

Essential Elements of a Safety Program will assist management to develop systems that identify, evaluate and control health and safety risks. Why start from scratch when your organization can hit the ground running with recognized best practice? This one-day course can save months of time when starting a new program or be an excellent guide for existing programs to determine if there are any gaps. 

Topics Covered:

  • Management leadership and organizational commitment
  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • Hazard control
  • Training, communications, orientation, and qualifications
  • Ongoing inspection
  • Emergency response
  • Incident investigation
  • Safety program administration, records and statistics
  • Legislation

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