Delivered by Canada Safety Council-certified instructors, the ATV/UTV curriculum is based on field-tested techniques and meets Section 154 and Table 14.1 of the OH&S Regulations.

Course Description:

The ATV/UTV rider course is a hands-on learning experience with emphasis on the safety implications of each area of riding. Students will learn how to ride while being aware of their surroundings to avoid an incident.

Topics Covered:

  • Legislation and regulations (The Saskatchewan Employment Act and the OH&S Regulations (Saskatchewan))
  • All-terrain Vehicles Act & Regulations (Saskatchewan)
  • Proper riding gear
  • Inspecting your ATV
  • Starting procedures
  • Proper riding techniques and operation
  • Navigating different terrain types (obstacles, slopes/hills)
  • Laws and regulations
  • Preparing for emergencies

Each rider must provide his or her own ATV that is in safe working condition. For UTV side-by-side units, 2 riders can share one vehicle which must also be in safe working condition.

Rental units are available.

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