Trailer Safety

Many drivers tow some type of trailer for numerous occupational, recreational, and utility needs. Frequently, we do not think about the requirements and responsibility that comes with towing a trailer and merely view it as an extension of the towing vehicle. However, a driver can get into a difficult situation and/or legal violation by not understanding the requirements and procedures associated with towing a trailer.

Course Description:

The Saskatchewan Safety Council Trailer Towing course is designed to provide students with these requirements and procedures. Novice drivers will be able to learn proper procedures before they learn incorrect habits. Experienced drivers will find value in refreshing their skills and, correcting any unsafe behaviors.

Topics Covered:

  • Pre-trip circle checks
  • Trailer attachment devices and legal requirements for each
  • Required brake tests for break away and normal usage
  • Apply defensive driving techniques when towing a trailer
  • Turning and how to identify the "off-track" of the trailer
  • Review of "forces of motion" that apply to the trailer and load
  • Load security
  • Outline backing procedures with a trailer

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