Variable Reach Material Handlers

A variable reach material handler (VRMH), also known as a “zoom boom”, is different from a forklift because they have a telescopic boom.  This allows the machine to pick and place loads at various distances and heights directly in front of it.

Course Description:

This course is designed to introduce new operators to the theory behind safe operation of a VRMH and to apply these theories in practice in a controlled environment.  The course also serves as an excellent review for experienced operators.

Topics Covered:

  • Legislation and regulations
  • Understand the principles of operating a VRMH
  • Understand how center of gravity affects machine movement
  • Understanding the machines various load charts
  • Identify major parts of the machine
  • Pre-shift inspection of the VRMH
  • Inspect work areas to ensure they are safe to operate the machine
  • Understand loading and unloading materials
  • Safely maneuvering the VRMH and the operators visibility
  • The average course runs about 2 days however it can vary greatly based on the number of students, type of machine, etc.  Legislation requires that students receive a minimum 16 hours of training and we will work with you to ensure that training is delivered in a timely manner

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