Kevin Danchuk

Director of Health and Safety at Athabasca Catering

What has impressed me is the enthusiastic and professional approach Toby and the ICOHPS have taken to provide essential HSE training and knowledge to First Nation Communities, Companies and individual band members.  ICOHPS' approach is not intimidating or overwhelming and really helps their clients understand their role in being compliant and proactively ensuring the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of First Nation Entities.  The Partnerships and Agreements that ICOHPS has forged with traditional and non-traditional partners brings everyone to the same table providing long term and essential HSE benefits for all involved.

Gord Moker

Chief Executive Officer of Safe Saskatchewan Inc.

We have an epidemic of preventable injuries in First Nation communities. Toby’s vision of empowering First Nations communities to live injury-free is now a reality, thanks to his leadership and insight into creating the ICOHPS.  The journey towards eliminating injuries and thus, ending the pain and suffering caused by injuries in Saskatchewan's 74 First Nations communities has begun, and Safe Saskatchewan is proud to be a partner.

George Marshall

Chief Executive Officer of the SHSA

We have been in partnership with the ICOHPS since their inception in 2016 and we fully support their vision. They truly are the first choice when it comes to empowering ICOHPS communities in achieving injury-free workplaces. The ICOHPS offers a variety of valuable safety training programs. Toby Desnomie, founder, president and Chief Executive Officer of the ICOHPS, is helping lead the way in developing and integrating occupational health, safety and risk management strategies into First Nations communities and organizations.